Our approach

We listen to our client's requirements and try our best to understand their needs to provide good service that creates an emotional connection.

How we work, Phase by Phase

Phase One:

The design team will create and draw a layout concept for the new website. This will be done in JPEG and e-mailed to you the client. You will then have 3 options.

  • 1. Approve the design and concept and sign off the design and give go ahead to begin Phase Two
  • 2. Client gives feedback on designs / concepts and changes. Web-Active will make the changes as per your instruction.
  • 3. We go back to the drawing board and come up with a complete new concept incorporating client feedback and ideas.

Once Phase One is complete, Phase Two begins:

Phase Two:

Web-Active will then draw up the design and create an online demo using fake text and fake images. This is the stage where we now look at the flow of the site and navigation. On these pages during the design process, we will use placeholder images only. We will check with client that the structure of the site is per your requirements.

For example we build the shell of the site. Once this is done and client is happy, we then start to look at content for each page, but as the structure is already built, we now know what text and or images we need for each section. Web-Active can help with content and or wording, but will need to have the information to work with. For example, if we need to create content for the About Us page – we will need the company information and or descriptions. We will then take that and write up some content. This content will be sent to you for approval and or any changes. If it is approved we then continue to build using this content. If it’s not approved, then we ask client to provide feedback and or new content.

We like to keep it simple. If we are off the mark and our client does not like the content we have provided, we do ask for feedback as to what, when and why so that we can really get to understand our clients and how they work and learn as we grow and develop our relationship. We do all this at no extra cost. If the client does not give us the feedback, it is hard to come up with new content and this generally is where the breakdown happens as the teams go round and round in circles, hours and time are spent and this is where costs can rise. With Web-Active this is why we are upfront and ask our clients for as much feedback and input as possible. As long as we are getting the feedback and communication is right, Web-Active will not charge any extra or additional costs.

However, saying this, once a design or content is approved and signed off, it is locked down. If you would like to make changes while in Phase Two, Web-Active again will not charge as long as it does not affect structure, layout or any design.

We also have a very affordable monthly packages that can be taken out so that you are not charged the hourly rate for further changes.

Phase Three :

At this stage the client is very happy, all the designs, functionality and content is all approved. We now do final checking and testing and the SEO master will insert all SEO requirements into the site and do all configurations. This may change some content but you will be given this for approval. This is now the finished product and is now waiting for client final approval and sign off. Once the sign off is submitted and balance of payment is paid, Web-Active will issue the site live and submit to search engines.

The structure I have mentioned above is the 3 simple stages that Web-Active work in to complete all projects. We don’t like to charge more and like to offer fixed quotes to our clients. The reality is “time is money” and therefore only start to charge more if client keeps changing the scope of the project. We do however give all clients 3 versions before we start with extra costs. The nice thing is if you take one of our contracts, with the contract you now do not have to worry about extra costs as you will have a dedicated webmaster to work on your project until you are happy. It’s a fixed monthly amount and you will not receive any additional invoices.

We like to show our clients that websites are fun and easy when working with the right company, which is why we only ask for final payment at the end of the project when the client is happy.

Our design team works close with our clients saving on time and communication and at the end saving our clients’ money.

Clients locally and internationally you need not look any further.

A hassle free and highly collaborative Web Agency built with simplicity in mind and unique features.

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